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Okay, first of all, a rape apologist according to the Urban dictionary is “Any person who suggests that women may be able to take precautions to reduce their chances of being raped, such as carrying a concealed weapon for self-defense or avoiding places where crime is likely while alone at night, or not dressing in a particular way…”

In simple terms, according to Eileen M. Gormley, a rape apologist is “Someone whose response to hearing about a rape report is to ask, ‘But why didn’t she scream/fight him off/carry a gun to protect herself/wear such revealing clothes/drink where someone could spike her drink/get a taxi home/lock her doors and windows/have a sexual history?’ Someone who believes that women are constantly making false accusations, either for fun or profit.”


Every time a woman comes out to say she was raped, you would always find these group of people in the comments section either questioning and disbelieving the woman’s story or blaming her for being raped.


“When she was going to sleep over at his house, what did she expect?”

Uuuum she expected that if she said NO to sex, the man would leave her alone. What kind of silly question is this??


“You people are always quick to believe these women, what if it is a false allegation?”

Sir/Madam if you check the statistics, you would see that there are way more true rape accusations than false accusations. For every ten women that say they were raped, only two of them MIGHT be lying. So please, miss me with that.


“She’s lying, she just wants fame and attention or she wants to destroy the man’s life.”

Uh okay, if you say so…dimwit.


“Men get raped too.”

This one pisses me off so much because they only bring it up when a woman says she has been raped and women are defending her. Did anybody say that men don’t get raped?? Please leave this place.


“When she’s dressed like that why won’t she get raped?”

So what would you say about the women that are covered from head to toe and still get raped? No, please tell me what is your excuse for this one?

rape apologist

Why on earth would you ever blame the victim?? Why is it that the first thing most men do is to attack the victim when they say she’s raped. Why is it that when a woman comes out to say that she was raped, most men (and some women) tend not to believe her?

Thank God for the support of women if not most women wouldn’t be able to tell their stories. People need to do better in supporting women who have gone through the traumatic experience of rape. Stop blaming the victims and stop making excuses for the rapists! Even if you think she’s lying, keep quiet except you have actual proof. Because the chances of her lying are very very slim.

By: Dammy Eneli

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