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What do you consider as cheating? The definition becomes more and more blurred as the parameters that surround dating continue to evolve. We’re not talking about people who are in committed relationships such as marriage: we’re asking for the people who are kind of dating someone or who aren’t sure what their relationship status is or who are kind of seeing someone else but want to hook up with a different person.

So again we ask, what do you consider as cheating? Here are a couple of scenarios for you to ponder over.

Scenario 1

A man and a woman have been seeing each other for several months. They are emotionally dependent on each other and are having sex with only each other. However, they haven’t made an official commitment to each other and haven’t said they are an exclusive couple. One of them wants to hook up with someone else for two reasons. The first being because of the strong physical attraction between them and the third party, with the second being that there may be something deeper. If the person chooses to proceed on their desire, do they have to tell the other person and are they cheating?


cheating boyfriend


Scenario 2

A couple has been breaking up and making up continuously for a couple of months. When they break up each of them swears to be done for good with the relationship but they always somehow manage to get back together. Sometimes they break up for a day, sometimes for a month. During one of their breakups, one of them hooks up with someone else and shortly after, decided to return to the relationship. Should this be considered as cheating?

Does any of the above matter as long as there is full disclosure? And with that said, does someone you are not in an exclusive relationship with, deserve full disclosure?

Let us know what you think.

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