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It’s easy to forget that the people we see on TV and on social media are real people. But they are. They go through the same struggles you and I go through, have real and complex feelings and face life’s challenges just as we do. We caught up with Dorathy Bachor, a woman we first met on Big Brother Naija, as she shares some of the things that have played a role in her becoming the person she is today.

What are two things most people don’t know about you?

Dorathy: The first thing I’d say is that I’m such a foodie. Some people know but not everyone. And secondly, despite being in the public, I can be quite private. I sometimes want to hide and keep a low profile.

What about you do you want people to know and focus on the most? Why?

Dorathy: Oh, that’s easy to answer. I want people to remember that before anything else, I’m a business woman and for them to support me. My projects are very dear to me, and when people talk about them and push them (not necessarily me), that’s when I feel the most looked out for.

What have you had to sacrifice to get this far?

Dorathy: I don’t take anything I have for granted. I am grateful for everything I have. But the one thing that I’d say has “suffered” is my peace of mind. I’ve had to learn how to manage and cope with many public opinions regarding how people think I should live my life, especially concerning topics that should ordinarily be off limits. However, I don’t have any regrets and I believe that all the decisions I’ve taken have been worth it.

For Dorathy’s full interview, click here to download the digital version of the April 2021 edition of The Cover. 

Dorathy Bachor on The Cover Magazine April 2021

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