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As a man, what would you like to experience from a woman’s P.O.V? As a woman, what would you like to experience from a man’s P.O.V? If you could change anything about men/women, what would you change?

Watch the video below to see how 5 people responded.

Here are more responses to the questions

Question 1: What experience would you like to have from the opposite sex’s POV?

Annabel: I would love to understand the way they think and why they do the things they do.

Anon guy: Sex.

Stephanie: Sex. I need to understand why men think with their dicks.

Question 2: What would you change about the opposite sex?

Annabel: Their sense of entitlement towards women.

Anon guy: I’ll remove periods. You guys suffer too much with that.

Stephanie: Their ability to lie unprovoked. But I expect I’d probably have to cut their tongues to make that happen

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