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Written By Damilola Faustino

Although it is difficult to accept, rejection is part of life routine especially when you take risks like applying for a job. You prepare for an interview and you are very confident that you are going to get the job. However, several weeks pass  without feedback. It eventually dawns on you that you will not get the job. Don’t be disappointed, instead be any or all of these tips:

Deal with the setback and move on

Granted, it is hard to accept that after preparing for a job interview, you didn’t get the offer. Do not allow this feeling to overwhelm you to the point of being pushed to vent your angst and frustrations against the company on social media. To remain focused, give yourself some time to grieve and then move on.

Do not be hard on yourself

Considering the unemployment situation in Nigeria, there are thousands of applicants for a handful of jobs. So, know that you need something extra to be offered a job. Regardless, you do not need to abuse and criticise yourself thinking the people from your village are pursuing you, or that you are not good enough. Nobody is pursuing you. When it is your time, you will get the job.

Learn and Improve

The beauty of an experience is actually learning from it. Do a holistic analysis of your performance and identify where you should improve. It may be your C.V., the way you respond to interview questions, among others. This will help you to avoid mistakes in your subsequent interviews.

Strengthen your goals

Not getting a job should strengthen your resolve and goals. How do you strengthen these goals? It is by applying to other jobs, building a good rapport with companies and also reaching out to your friends to find out about new and available job vacancies.

Do not give up

Quit brooding and accelerate your job application speed. Alternatively, you can think about starting up something for yourself instead of applying for jobs. Importantly, do not give up.

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