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Lol! What Nigerian Moms Think Of Ripped Jeans

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Written by Ogunseye Funmilola


It should be both parents, but moms pay more attention to things like that more.

Ripped jeans has been a thing for a very long time but there seems to be a comeback in full force with different cuts. A Nigerian mother does not even care if it’s ripped ‘small‘ lol. They don’t even want to see Kylie Jenner kind of ripped. It is finished then.

But, there are different types now; skirts, wearing fishnets underneath your ripped jeans, etc.

What is your ripped jeans story? Is your mom cool with it?

So, I asked some of my ‘people’ about their mom’s opinions on ripped jeans and here’s their story. Be sure to let us know your story in the comments section below:

Adeola said:

“It depends on how the jeans is ripped, my mom doesn’t have a problem with it, as long as it is slightly ripped.”

Mutiat said:

“Ripped jeans! It doesn’t define my personality. As long as it is well worn and fitted, my mom doesn’t have a problem with it! Not crazy Jeans though! There is a difference.”

Feyisikemi said:

“My mom doesn’t have a problem with ripped jeans if it’s long and slightly ripped and doesn’t define you as a person.”

Toluwalope said:

“Ripped jeans! I really don’t like them at all. My mum doesn’t like them either. Whether crazy or ripped jeans, I don’t buy it.”

Lelo said:

“My mum thinks only unbelievers should wear it as it does not depict the spirit of Christ in young adults. She also thinks that children from well brought up homes should not be caught dead in it as it does not show good home training.”

Well, what does your mom think of ripped jeans?

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