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Returning home to comfort after the day’s stressful work is something many adults look forward to – in normal circumstances. For many reasons, people tend to migrate from one geopolitical zone to another, ranging from job search to academic demands, marriage, through NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) and more. This also means we tend to need homes more often, as anywhere you find yourself, shelter is as important as your next paycheck.

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Most often, the individual’s financial capacities hinder the purchasing power, therefore, the pervasiveness of house rent in Nigeria; and for this reason, most people will likely share a flat. Especially when living in a city like Lagos, and working in the highbrow areas like Victoria Island, Lekki or Ikoyi. Considering the high cost of getting a flat starting from N500,000 (for a studio apartment or self-contained) to N3,000,000+ for a mini flat and 2-bedroom, it is highly advisable to opt for flat sharing and live close to work to avoid spending hours in traffic. Some Lagosians working on the Island and living on the mainland spend approximately 3-4 hours in traffic on a daily basis. This time can be put into more productive use, like a side hustle if you’re to stay close to work.

Flat sharing service in Lagos, is a new niche yet to be explored extensively by young professionals, as it is more cultural to have a flatmate while in College and Universities than it is to have a flatmate or roommate while working in Nigeria.

If you’ve never had a roommate other than your parents and siblings, this article will help you understand what not to tolerate while flat sharing.

Roommates and/or housemates are not around to take care of you or clean your mess, except you’re lucky to have one who is nice and highly tolerant of you. You’re also not expected to spend your time enduring an inconsiderate roommate at the detriment of your happiness and comfort. Without further ado, let’s get talking about the things you should not tolerate in a flatmate;

1)    Using your stuff without asking.

You cannot avoid the sharing of some basic items, like kitchen appliances, couch blankets, dishes, and the likes. But when roomies or flatmates start assuming items like personal clothing or luxury items like your cream and body wash without your consent, that’s bad news.

2)    Handing off your keys to someone without prior discussion with you.

Imagine coming back home with all the stress of work and pulling your clothes only to find a guy in front of the TV. In fact, you thought it was your flatmate, you even greeted without looking, only to find yourself covering your hands over your bare chest and running into your room, yes that is it right there. You will be so furious and hurt, wishing you never came back home, and this will keep you in constant checks. This is a serious violation of trust and respect, TBH. Every person has a right to feel safe in their own home, and when other folks waltz in unannounced and unclear, that legit feels scary. Another very disturbing scenario about giving out keys without prior notice is when you find yourself in the bathroom and someone just walks in, maybe you weren’t expecting your flat-mate, and you start screaming his or her name but no response. Imagine the scare? Let me leave you to your imagination.

3)    Entering your room without permission

Number 3 on our list is a violation of privacy and should never be tolerated. Unless the room is on fire, your flat-mate does not have the right to come into your room without being invited. If he or she knocks, he or she must wait for your response and/or instruction to come in or wait out for you.

Want to read more things you should never tolerate from a flatmate? Stay glued for next week’s article.

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