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Most of us need motivation as well as strong will to stick to our gym plan. But one surprisingly good motivator is knowing how good you look when you are at the gym (we have all those gym mirror selfies to prove it). Looking amazing aside, the right workout clothes will help play a great role in the success of your work out plan, and also an understanding of what not to wear to the gym. Before you run off to the gym, here are some things you should NEVER wear to the gym.


gym headphones

100% Cotton

This tops our list of what not to wear to the gym. It may seem like a good idea for a day at the mall, but for a work out, that is a big NO. With cotton, your sweat will be completely absorbed and it is slow to dry, imagine all the amount of sweat that will stick to you. Also, this will weigh you down and moisture absorbed can cause irritation or a breakout. Therefore, stick to light-weight fabrics that will draw sweat droplets away from your skin.

Worn-out Shoes

If you are among those people that don’t let your gym shoes go until the soles are completely out or have a gaping hole in the middle, then you are doing your feet harm. Worn out shoes can cause you to easily loose balance and may harm your joint. Hence, you have to replace your shoes after about 500 miles. It doesn’t have to look very bad to be changed.


gym shoes

Non-sport Bras

There are bras designed for sports for a reason so make good use of it. They are the ideal choice because it protects the ligaments and tissues in your chest from excessive stretching or stress. Also, with a good sports bra, you will achieve your maximum workout as you won’t be constantly uncomfortable.

Baggy Clothes

Wearing too much material in the gym is a recipe for potential disaster. Your cloth can be snagged and caught on something, and that will not end well. Too fitting clothes is not ideal either. For a day of work out, choose a form fitting attire that can show your pose and allow you to stretch freely.


Here’s an easy guess on what not to wear to the gym. Jewelry has no place in the gym. They can be damaged or cause harm. When going to the gym, leave those unnecessary accessories in your gym bag because they can get in the way. The only accessory that can be permitted will be the head gears. The right music gets you pumped up for a work out. However, don’t make the music too loud as you will want to be aware of your environment in case of an emergency.

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This few tips are sure to keep you work out ready. No excuses now- time to hit the gym!


Written by Nkem Ikeh

Image source: 100thshades.com, sportsmanswarehouse.co.za, bose.com


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