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Grey hair is mostly associated with old age. However, when you see a young guy or lady with grey hair, we tend to perceive the hair as swag or wisdom. Weird right? These may actually be wrong, as premature grey hair could be a sign of a health issue. By the way, there is no clear link between grey hair and stress, so stress may not necessarily be the cause of your grey hair. See what grey hair could actually mean below:

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You are (or were) a smoker

You have a higher chance of having grey hair if you are (or were) a smoker. This is because smoking can destroy hair locks which can kill the cells that darken your hair. Smoking can also lead to baldness.

You  lack  vitamins B12 & D3

Vitamin B-12 is an essential vitamin for hair growth and it is likely that if you are low in it, your hair may turn grey. You should take more of low-fat dairy, cheese, and eggs.

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Increased risk of heart disease for men

Grey hair may be a sign of heart diseases especially if you are male. You should see a doctor to run some tests. This is for premature grey hairs.

You have grey genes

It’s not always a health issue. If your parents or grandparents went grey early, then chances are you will, too.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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