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Written By Damilola Faustino

In your room, you are all alone. You close your eyes to take in the warmth of the room. All sorts of thoughts travel uncontrollably to and fro your mind. It was completely devoid of any kind of traffic that you usually experience on Lagos highways. No hindrance. You begin to wonder why disturbing thoughts appear to frequent your mind than positive thoughts. But the truth is you have to train your mind to knock it out.

A few minutes later, you are bored, you pick up a book to read but sleep creeps in. You drop the book. You pick up your phone to check what is happening in the news. But you are bombarded with bad news with screaming headlines – “Revealed! John Doe gave 10.2 billion dollars to his cousin to buy stoves,” “Sad! Two people killed by ritualist In Lagos”, “Man rapes and Impregnates his daughter” and other horror stories. The phone isn’t helping.

Here’s what you can choose to do: decide to enjoy your solitude by abandoning your phone. Revel in solitude. Appreciate the fact that you are all alone.

However, very few people can live this kind of lifestyle. They love to be around friends, family and even enemies.

They will say to you that it is a boring life. You are boring, I cannot stand you. Everything about you is boring! Hian!

So why should you be alone sometimes?

Your imagination will soar because creativity emerges when you are quiet

Your life will become entirely yours

You will find peace with your past

You will learn self-reliance

You will befriend yourself

The fact is you cannot derive any of the aforementioned pleasures from being around people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just find time to be alone at times. That is the beauty of solitude!

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