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Being a stylish girl always has something to do with the way you dress. You cannot say you are stylish and appear shabby. One secret that these stylish ladies won’t tell you are the things they do when they are getting dressed. Read on to know these secrets:

Young Girl Playing By Herself --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

They feel comfortable in what they wear

Sometimes you observe girls wearing clothes they are not comfortable in. They keep adjusting their clothes from time to time to make it comfier. The question is why did you wear it if you are not comfortable in it?

They are not too matchy-matchy

Being too matchy means all the clothes colour you are wearing are similar. Your bag, belt, heels, tops and even earrings have the same colour. There is nothing wrong with matching your clothes but try to vary it a bit.

dressing up1

They try not dress too young

Many girls want to appear young for obvious reasons. However, it is better for a girl to look matured in her dressing even though she is very young. Being matured in your dressing will make you more attractive.

No makeup before being fully dressed

This is very simple. You should finish dressing up before applying your makeup. You should be careful not to allow freckles from your makeup to stain your clothes.

They check weather forecast 

Very few people consider this. The weather should influence the way you dress. There are clothes for the hot and rainy weather. You don’t want your clothes to be soaked and all your undies exposed. So, take a few minutes to check the weather.

Photo credit: Pinterest, Royalty-Free/Corbis

Written by Damilola Faustino

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