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At some point in your life as a Christian, you might begin to realise the Easter season has more of an importance to your faith than Christmas. This isn’t just because Christmas has been overly commercialised and turned into a mainstream event but because our belief and relationship with God is based on the fact that His son died and rose up again after three days.

Based on scripture and the detailed events leading to Jesus’ resurrection, how did Easter bunnies and eggs come into the picture? I don’t remember reading any account claiming Jesus was eating eggs when the disciples asked him who was going to betray him or that bunnies hopped around Gethsamane while Jesus prayed before Judas arrived. So where did these traditions and symbols come from considering they seem to have as much to do with the resurrection as Santa Claus has to do with the birth?

easter bunnies and eggs

The Easter Bunny came about based on the ancient pagan symbolism of bunnies. Bunnies, due to the fact that they are prolific procreators, are seen as symbols of fertility and new life. In line with this, the Easter Bunny then became a symbol for the resurrection of Jesus, which also features the theme of rebirth.

Through this symbolism, many traditions have…

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By: Oshoriame Egbakhumeh

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