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It happens all the time. You get to the air port i time for your flight and yet, somehow you end up not flying, due to no circumstance of yours. Your flight could get delayed or outright cancelled. Don’t fret thogh. Here’s how to handle such situations:

missed flight

Be nice and stay calm

This rule’s a rather obvious one. If you show up to the attendant’s desk screaming and causing a fuss, they’re going to be less likely to help you and more likely to call airport security. Raising your voice is just going to make the people around you uncomfortable and the people who actually can help you, not care to. The people working at the airline attendant desk didn’t single-handedly decide to cancel your flight, so don’t take it out on them.

Check what your rights as a passenger are

Air tickets don’t just entitle you to get from destination A to destination B alive. They can also come with perks in the event of circumstances like flight cancellations and long layovers. The first thing you should do is to approach an airline representative and ask them what benefits you can claim in light of the delay or cancellation.
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For instance, most airlines are obliged to give you food vouchers if a flight is delayed more than a certain number of hours. You might also be able to claim accommodation for overnight delays or be redirected to another flight or mode of transport.

Make the right calls

If you are travelling for a business meeting and your flight is cancelled. You should immediately inform your business associates about your flight status. And if you plan to make alternative arrangement, you should not keep them in the dark.

Check what benefits your travel insurance offers you

If you have a travel insurance policy, you will most likely be entitled to some kind of compensation if your flight is cancelled. Most policies will also offer you compensation for long enough delays. You should always bring along a copy of your travel insurance policy so you can check on the go what you’re entitled to. If you’re not sure, don’t hesitate to contact your travel insurer on the phone. Your insurer will tell you what you can make claims for and how to submit the claims afterwards. This can be a huge relief if it means being able to book a hotel room instead of sleeping on an airport floor.

Hold onto your documents

When you arrive at your final destination, make sure to keep copies of your boarding pass and other travel documents. Some airlines will reject a legitimate claim for disrupted flights if you don’t have these documents, so it’s important not to keep these documents until you’ve successfully completed your journey without any hiccups.

By Damilola Faustino

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