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Trying to find the best movie to watch on Netflix can be a daunting challenge. We’ve all been there. You’ve decided you’re going to watch something. You have the entirety of Netflix at your disposal, including even a pared down list of films you’ve already bookmarked to watch at a future date. But then there’s the choosing. Here are some movies you should consider watching.

Panic Room

Panic Room is an underappreciated little gem in David Fincher’s filmography. The only movie of his not to get a Blu-ray release in the U.S., Panic Room is admittedly a “small” film, but that’s part of its appeal. The simple premise of a mother and daughter trapped in a panic room while burglars try to get the bearer bonds that are in that room is surprisingly tense even though Fincher confines almost the entire movie to the house.


Now and Then

The 1995 coming-of-age movie Now and Then is a wonderful little nostalgic gem with a pretty whip smart structure. The movie opens in the year 1995 and finds four friends reuniting in their hometown. It then flashes back to the year 1970, with four young actresses playing younger versions of the characters as we chronicle the goings-on during one summer that was integral to the future of their lives.


Jackie Brown

Pam Grier stars as a flight attendant who gets wrapped up in a money smuggling scheme, tangling with gangsters, the ATF, and the FBI alike. But at heart, Jackie Brown is a love story between Grier and Robert Forster, and the film shows a refreshingly softer side to Tarantino. There’s violence to be sure, but Jackie Brown remains one of Tarantino’s best and slightly underrated films.

By: Dammy Eneli

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