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What To Wear When Protesting SARS

The whole nation of Nigeria in addition to our compatriots in the diaspora have set out protesting in the streets against the SARS defense system.

However, our fashion editor has noted the side effects many have suffered under the scorching sun

whilst fighting for their rights due to the wrong decision when it came to what to wear when protesting

These are the 4 style tips to take into consideration before heading out to fight for your rights

Tip 1: Wear breathable fabric- COTTON and if possible headgear to avoid sunburn

(Photo By Mikey Oshai)


Tip 2: Wear outfits with deep pockets to keep your water, sunscreen and other essentials safe.

Tip 3: If you don’t have pockets, check this link to see where to get sling bags that are portable and cute


Tip 4: Wear your mask please and a pair of comfortable kicks to run away from Covid and corrupt police accordingly.

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Nigerians and our allies worldwide are protesting the brutal and blood thirsty gang known as SARS – Special Anti Robbery Squad, a ‘special unit’ of the Nigerian Police Force that has terrorized innocent youth all around the country for the past 8 years, if not more. It is apparently known as a “juicy” team assignment which officers lobby to get. Why ? SARS is not only the name of a unit but also a mindset and culture within law enforcement in Nigeria. SARS is really a covert unit of criminals with badges, big guns, unending audacity, immunity from any consequence, no accountability and state funding, they don’t even have to wear uniforms !! SARS (and the Nigerian police force as a whole tbh) have harassed Nigerians through illegal stop and searches, profiling based on age, tattoos, piercings, hair style, clothing, phones, laptops, any and every thing they feel like making up really. They stop individuals and accuse the young men of being scammers while the young women are tagged as prostitutes, no evidence required. SARS harasses, falsely imprisons, extorts, rapes, assaults, terrorizes and murders the citizens of Nigeria with impunity and immunity! They go as far as conducting illegal searches of individuals personal devices, accessing their mobile banking and making transfers as much as the amount in the account to themselves as a bribe to be released. The SARS resume of evil, wickedness and terror is endless, I could write a whole book! We have had ENOUGH!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We are no longer having this madness. To whom it may concern, END SARS NOW. We DO NOT WANT REFORM which is just code for rebranding the same bloodthirsty animals! WEYREY NO FIT DISGUISE!!! Destroy the entire thing and bring all murderers and ‘officers’ who have abused citizens to book ! One of us must taya, I bet my life that it isn’t the youth !!!!!!!!!!!!! BUHARI, SORO SOKE !!! RISE and JAZZ UP !!! #endsars #endsarsnow #endsarsbrutality #Buhariresign #Buhariresignnow #enoughisenough

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