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By Damilola Faustino

When you first meet someone, you are all over the person. He or she is the sugar in your tea, the determiner of your mood and the catalyst for your day. The romance is pitch high and you cannot get enough of each other. Months down the line, both of you are already bored and the ember of your relationship is dying. Some people tend to quit the relationship and move on to the next person while others make efforts to refuel or lubricate it. The later is better because, like a car, you cannot keep driving your love life without fueling it. Below are some things you can do when you are bored in a relationship:


Pursue a passion alone

If you’ve been spending too much time together, it may be best to make a personal change. If you are bored with your relationship, make a change to your personal life and watch how it affects your relationship. Pursue a personal passion or hobby that you always wanted to do. Yes, the one that you always spoke about, but were just waiting for your partner to come around and join you. No need to wait for your partner.

Make an effort to welcome home

Getting out of your relationship boredom can be as simple as developing a new routine that shows you care, like greeting your partner when they come home each day. Be there to greet them right at the front door when they come home from work.

Appreciate them

One super easy and effective way to improve your connection is by telling your partner something about them that you’re grateful for. Each day, notice something about the other person you really appreciate, but don’t necessarily say out loud. ‘I like your shirt, it makes you look ….’; ‘I appreciate dinner tonight, thank you.’; ‘I know you love enjoying wine, let’s go to a local winery.'”

Take turns to plan a surprise date

Taking your partner on a surprise blind date where your partner doesn’t know where you’re going — is one easy way to both impress them and break out of your usual routine. Or, taking turns planning surprise date nights where you do things you’ve never done before is another way to bond.

Do one thing off your partner’s to-do list

An easy way to show your partner appreciation and try something new is by doing an act of service for them. Take a task off their to-do list for them. This works really well for someone who seems to always be frustrated with not getting stuff done during the day. Try your hand at dinner if they’re cooking for the night, for example.

Exchange list of what you like about your partner

If you’ve gotten so used to each other that you’ve stopped showing appreciation, it may be time for an exercise that shows how grateful you are for each other. Both of you can write everything you did that week that you appreciated or made you feel loved. Then you give it to each other after the week. As they are looking for things to write they will each notice more what the other person does for them, and also they will usually do more than they have in a while.

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