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Are you a lover of fine fragrances? Do you use perfumes every day? Of course you do! But how much do you know about fragrances?

Below are 5 facts about fragrances that you probably didn’t know.

  1. Good Smells Evoke Happiness


A good fragrance can lift your spirits. A fragrance that you perceive pleasant can have a profound effect on your mood. So if you’re a citrus fragrance lover, a bottle of a nice perfume can change your day!

  1. Fragrances Are Unisex


Fragrances are not inherently masculine or feminine. It’s how it’s presented that makes the difference. It’s no surprise that a third of men’s perfume sold in the world is actually worn by women. As long as it smells good, it doesn’t matter, right?

  1. Fragrance Is Unique To Each Person Who Uses It


The same fragrance can smell differently on you and your partner. Strange, isn’t it? This happens because a scent is subject to the environment, skin type and at times even the diet of the person!

  1. The Fragrant Seasons


You can smell things better during spring and summer seasons. This happens due to the additional moisture present in the air. It’s the same reason why your sense of smell becomes stronger after a good work out, which also increases the moisture in your nasal passages.

  1. Scents Can Trigger Memories


That’s right. Fragrances are powerful memory triggers. Like petrichor reminding one of childhood or a certain brand of perfume reminding one of a former lover. This is because the olfactory nerve is situated closed to the amygdala, which is responsible for experiencing emotions and it is also near the hippocampus, which is associated to memories.

Written By Ugochi Obiajunwa

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