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By Damilola Faustino

Many people usually don’t spend time thinking about their urine. They simply walk or rush into the convenience, pee and leave. However. you must know that the colour, smell, and consistency of your urine can reveal your hydration levels, what foods you’ve been eating, and can alert you to any hidden health problems. Here are the things your urine is saying about you:


Pale or dark yellow

As along as you stay within the spectrum of very pale, straw colored urine and a darker yellow shade, you can rest assured that your body is at a healthy hydration level. A very light yellow sample means you are drinking ample water and your system is healthy and well hydrated. If your pee is dark yellow, you are at a normal water level but should drink some water soon.

Amber or honey coloured

You may notice your pee in the morning is typically a darker shade of orange-yellow. This is because you’ve been sleeping for the past several hours and haven’t been drinking any water. If your urine is amber or honey coloured regularly during the day, your body is trying to tell you that you’re not drinking enough fluid.
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Syrup or brown ale coloured

Light brown urine is a sign of either severe dehydration or liver disease. If it’s the former, you’ll need to immediately drink water and make it a point to significantly increase your water consumption. If the brownish colour persists once you increase your water intake, make an appointment to see your doctor to determine if the colour is connected to a liver problem.

Pink to reddish-colour

While seeing pink to red coloured urine may look alarming, if you’ve been snacking on plenty of red foods like beets, rhubarb, or blueberries, the colour may be due to those foods’ natural red pigments. If not, you’ll want to waste no time in visiting a doctor. Pink or red coloured urine could be a sign of a urinary tract infection.


While this bubbly phenomenon may just be from the force of your urine exiting your body, it can also be a sign that you’re getting too much protein or have a kidney problem. If you notice this foaming or fizzing quality every time you pee, try to visit a doctor or try cutting back on your protein intake.

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