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Spike Jonze’s ad for Kenzo’s new perfume made us marvel at the magic that happens when film meets fashion. It was an amazing result of a collaboration between the film industry and the beauty industry. This goes to show that great things can come out when two giants meet.

The ad starts off normally with a bored out her mind lady in a formal event. She excuses herself and that’s when the magic begins. The music, dance, and energy of the advert is captivating the whole way. It gives you that sense of imperfection even the world of beauty. A lady has her moments when she doesn’t necessarily want to be prim and proper, she wants to dance around to crazy music.

This ad is one of many innovative collaborations between film directors and fashion brands. Here are a few more:

Sofia Coppola did a chic campaign for Miss Dior also in 2013. In this super brief ad, Natalie Portman promises a garden of roses to the potential users of the Miss Dior perfume. And it was so pretty we almost believed her.

Chanel 2011 campaign was done by Joe Wright starring Kiera Knightley. The dangerous side of the actress is seen as she races through Paris in a slick biker outfit, just to get herself some Chanel perfume.

Dior presents Lady Blue Shanghai directed by David Lynch. This is filled with drama and intrigued as a lady recounts her experience in Shanghai. All that is left of the day are roses in a really nice handbag.


Wes Anderson directs a short film in 2013 titled Castello Cavalcanti for Prada, with his cast favorite Jason Schwartzman. Through Jason’s journey through the 1950’s Italian village, we get a glimpse of ‘Prada racing’ on the back of his jumpsuits.

With these collaborations, there is a lot more meaning behind these fashion houses products. A story was told to capture the essence of the brands- and we love it. Here’s hoping we get to see more ‘film meets fashion’ moments.

Written by Nkem Ikeh

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