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Written by Rolat-Abiola Folake (4lake)

One advantage of being the first child in a Yoruba Family is that you get to choose first from anything given to you and younger ones to share.

My mom bought 8 oranges, two big ones and six small ones telling me to share equally with my younger ones (we are four). Now, I looked at the oranges and decided to pick the two bigger ones because as the eldest I assumed it was my birthright to pick the best of all things. My younger ones grumbled and begged me to at least pick a small orange with the big orange or better still act like an elder and pick the smaller ones. I refused.

To cut the story short, I peeled both oranges to eat but had to go on an errand for my mom. I took one of the oranges with me only for it to be collected by a friend on the way. I got home to take the second orange. Alas!!! It was so sour and dry.

So while my younger ones were still enjoying their oranges, I just sat at one corner watching them and blaming myself for picking those cursed oranges

So let’s discussĀ OPPORTUNITIES a bit.

An opportunity is a chance for advancement, progress or profit. It is also a favourable circumstance or occasion.

In terms of the story above, sometimes we are faced with two opportunities (one big and the other small) at the same time to choose from. And the funny thing is you just have to choose one.

You do not always have to go for smaller opportunities, but always pause to think, weigh, rethink and weigh again before choosing.

One opportunity may seem juicer than the other from the outside (it might even be jucier) but after grabbing it you discover why it is said “do not judge a book by its cover”.

Not everything that glitters is gold.

Opportunities do not only come once anymore, sometimes, they represent themselves and you have to always be ready to choose right.

So when next you are faced with two or more opportunities but have to forgo all for one, choose wisely. Do not choose based on size, reach or popularity. Choose an opportunity you know that even if you are dead before it starts yielding you would be happy in your grave (if there is anything like that).

Remember, the fact that opportunity comes but once doesn’t mean you give your all to it and loose all at once and never look down on a small opportunity as some are small but mighty ((c) 4lake).

Have a blessed week.

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