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Change, they say is the only constant thing in life. This is why Nigerians voted out President Goodluck Jonathan. We elected a meek, no-nonsense and stern former military dictator in the person of Muhammadu Buhari.


You have to give it to Buhari, he was steadfast in his ambition to become the president of the country. He tried several times with his Congress For Progressive Change and failed but he was eventually elected in 2015.

The record of Buhari speaks for itself. He is incorruptible and he is ready to get things done.

Sadly, his health is not really doing him any good. He has been in London for several weeks now for medical attention. The Vice-President is the one in power.

Before his medical issues came to light, Nigerians doubted if it is the same Buhari they elected. They wanted a military president in a civilian toga.

This is perhaps the reason why it seems like everything about the administration seems very slow that Nigerians are now feeling like they made a mistake.


In addition to this, it may also be due in part to the loss of the National Assembly to Saraki and Dogara who were not the choice of the party.

Recall, the period it took him to name his cabinet and the time it took for the budget to be passed.

Two years down the line, Nigerians are yet to feel the change even though the government says otherwise.

Although he has tried in the area of fighting corruption with the whistle blowing policy and minimise the activities of Boko Haram, there is a sector many believe he hasn’t done well, which is the economy.

The economy is just slowly recovering from recession due largely in part to the flip-flop policies of the government.


The Acting President has been talking about ease of doing business in Nigeria when there is no power. Even though tackling other bottlenecks are essential, we will never be serious if the issue of providing 24-hour power is not addressed.

The super minister of power, works and housing, Babatunde Fashola said before he became a minister that providing power is not rocket science. However, the country is yet to experience steady power.

Shockingly, the only time we seem to enjoy stable power is during the raining season. It has been the same excuses for from one administration to another for the lack of power. Saboteurs. So, who are the saboteurs?

The truth is that Nigerians are still waiting for the promised change. Regardless, they are happy that Goodluck Jonathan is no longer the president.

APC and Buhari have two more years to deliver the change. Let us wait if the promised change will arrive. However, for now, Nigerians are still waiting for the change.

We wish the president a quick recovery and Happy democracy day! We await the change!

Written By Damilola Faustino

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