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Do you know the great thing about this year’s Valentine? It’ on a Friday, which means that instead of just celebrating Valentine’s “day”, you can celebrate valentine’s “weekend”, and this means you don’t necessarily have to spend it in one place, you can travel for the weekend.

Don’t know where you can go for a weekend getaway? Don’t worry about that, I got you. I’ve come up with three places you can visit for a quick budget-friendly weekend getaway. I’m going to write about these three places in three different articles, giving proper details about each one. First, Lets’s start with Ikogosi Warm Springs.

Ikogosi Warm Spring

Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the state in Ekiti State for its hot and cold spring meeting at a point and flowing down as a single stream.

This is the ideal place for a romantic weekend getaway in Nigeria. Plus it has beautiful sceneries that present an opportunity to connect with nature with its thick green forest, hilly landscape and tall trees. It sure is a good holiday destination which offers a cozy and serene atmosphere for you.

How to Get to Ikogosi Warm Spring

Ado Ekiti, the capital of Ekiti State is a central point from which you can get to Ikogosi. Driving to Ekiti is the best option because there is no airport domiciled in the state. Also, if you are coming in from any other part of Nigeria that is not South-West Nigeria, you can fly to Ibadan then drive to Ekiti. The journey from Ibadan to Ekiti takes approximately 3 hours. So, if you are going to Ikogosi Warm Springs, you can board a taxi at Fajuyi Park in Ado Ekiti City. The distance between Ado Ekiti City and this spring is about 1 hour. Ekiti is a very hilly State, so be prepared to pass through a lot of hills on your way to the Ikogosi Waterfall.

Where to stay:

A resort named Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort is located very close to this tourist attraction. The Ikogosi Warm Spring Hotel has a variety of elegant lodges and chalets which include Deluxe Standard, Exclusive Standard, Executive Deluxe, Executive Lodge, Executive Suite, and Presidential Lodge. The resort has facilities like an amphitheater, restaurant/bar, regular power supply, outdoor pool, and a gym. Price for lodging at this resort cost between N12,500 and N67,500 per night.

Things To do at Ikogosi Warm Spring:

Visit The Ikogosi Waterfall 

Imagine yourself standing in a Stream and both legs having different feels, one cold and the other warm, mind-blowing right? Visiting the Ikogosi Waterfall would afford you the opportunity of experiencing this mind-blowing adventure.

Go For A Romantic Walk: 

While heading towards the meeting point of the cold and warm water, the well-designed walk trail is sure to amaze you. The chirpings of the birds and the chilliness of the forest environment along the walking trail would leave you wrapped up in the placidity that one gets while taking a nature walk.

Take a Dive into the Swimming Pool

There’s a large-sized swimming pool available at Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort. The pool water flows from the spring, so it’s natural and clean; it is a cool place to relax and hang out with family and friends.

Eat At The Resort

The Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort has a bar and a restaurant, meals served at the restaurant include African dishes, continental cuisines, pastries, and therapeutic dishes. All dishes are sold at reasonable prices.

By: Dammy Eneli

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