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Zenababs Half Moon Resort located in the central part of Ilesa, Osun state, is a luxurious resort that gives you the home away from home comfort. If you can’t afford a vacation to the moon, Zenababs half-moon resort is your next option.

This resort has a serene and refreshing milieu and offers low-cost meals and guest rooms. This is a great place outside of Lagos to wake up to great views of the resort from your bedrooms and enjoy various interesting activities with your significant other.


Facilities At The Resort: 

Swimming pool – with trained lifeguard, for both adults and children

Squash court – Two international standard squash courts

Dart room – A professional dart room with matching accessories

Table tennis – A standard tennis table with an indoor facility

Boating Lake- The resort has a man-made Lake with a boat ride facility.

Animal reserve- The resort has a mini animal knowledge, with Ostrich, Geese, Ducks, Turkeys, Goats, Perkins, Rabbit, Guinea fowl and Donkey

-Fully stocked stream for fishing- The resort has a round perimeter fence with a clean flowing stream, with a small waterfall, that allows for natural swimming and fishing (fishing rods can be provided upon request)

How to get there: 

You can either drive to Osun state, which is about five hours or fly to Ibadan then drive to Osun state (if your coming from places outside of the western part of Nigeria).

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