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The third episode of Game of Thrones’ eighth season, “The Long Night,” promised an epic battle, and it delivered. The episode featured the longest battle in film and television history, and took the show 11 weeks of grueling night shoots to complete.

And as predicted, the deaths were a lot. If the battle was too dark and too fast paced for you to catch up on all the deaths, we got you covered.




The Red Witch finally succumbed to old age after removing her enchanted necklace following the Great Battle Of Winterfell. She survived the longest battle in history, only to kill herself at the end. Sounds messed up, but we can assume that she had fulfilled her purpose to the Lord of Light. After all, that’s what she said when Lord Beric died.

Edd Tollett a.k.a. Dolorous EddEdd Tollett Dolorous Edd

Stabbed in the back by a Wight during the battle, then killed again in wight form by proxy of the Night King’s Death. (We blame Sam for his death, but we’ll let y’all be the judge).

Lyanna MormontLyanna Mormont

The brave little ruler was crushed by a Wight giant during the Great Battle, but she did not go without doing something heroic. She stabbed the giant in the eye with the dragon glass, as he crushed her in his hands and that made her brave even in death. Unfortunately, she was killed again in Wight form by proxy of the Night King’s death.

Lord Beric DondarrionBeric Dondarrion

He was stabbed multiple times by Wights while protecting Arya Stark, during the great battle. He literally sacrificed himself so that Arya and Clegane could survive the rush of White Walkers.

theon greyjoy

After pledging to protect Bran at godswood forest, he did just that until he was killed by the Night King himself. He stood next to Bran, until he ran out of arrows, fought with his bow, until the Night King arrived and he charged at him. Of course the Night King took him out quite easily, but we consider him brave for having stood his ground that long. So he was impaled with a shaft by the Night King while defending Bran Stark during the Great Battle of Winterfell.

The Night King

The Great Battle ended with his death, obviously and the best part is that he was stabbed in the heart with a Valyrian Steel dagger by Arya Stark during the great battle. She snuck up on him and stabbed him. Of course, he caught her, but her wisdom led her to drop the dagger into her second hand as she stabbed him. Of course, with his death came the automatic death of the entire dead army, including the dragon.

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