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Mixed reviews are in as The Carters hit us with the surprise joint album, titled ‘Everything Is Love’, but we are here to describe the general overviewing elements of the project. So two dedicated fans of Jay and Bey are here to chop it up.

Oscar: How long have we anticipated this album?

Tunde: Since 2014 OTR Tour, its been looking like there’s a joint album.

Oscar: What would you now expect from a Jay-Z and Beyoncé joint album?

Tunde: What they would talk about won’t pass financial freedom, black excellence, and since they don’t grant interviews, I’d expect they’d tell us the cheating story and birth of the twins.

Oscar: So 9 tracks? What’s your take?

Tunde: PERFECT!! In a world with declining attention span, over 10 tracks is too much. 9 tracks gives you a high replay value.

Oscar: Did you now get what you expected from the music? Did they tell the stories we wanted?

Tunde: Only a little actually. But it seems Hov addressed some small small issues. For instance on “Boss” you may interpret his line

Niggas rather work for the man than to work with me

Just so they can pretend they on my level, that shit is irkin’ to me”

as a shot at Drake, who Jay actually wanted to get on Tidal, but Drake stayed with Apple Music and the likes.

Tunde: So apart from issues like that, the album is honestly about 2 rich people spending their dough and wanting black empowerment. They are Flossing in their marriage so if you like be there analyzing it for them, na you sabi.

Oscar: Oya Lyrics!! How did Hov do?

Tunde: What Hov does best na, braggadocio, confident self proclamations, and then taking light jabs without names, and letting people interpret as they wish.

Oscar: The one they call Beyoncé was spazzing out like an agbero! And even though she had writing help on Apeshit by Quavo, she came nice with the flow I swear.

Oscar: Think they took shots at Kanye as some people claim?

Tunde: Ok so on “Friends” it seems like, they didn’t have to say anything about Kanye, because the omission of anything relating to him, was a shot in itself. Coz through the song they were talking about their realest people and how they roll, and of course they know that we the listeners are wondering, How far Yeezy na, but they didn’t mention him. Instead they left us with the line “I ain’t going for nobody nothing if me and my wife beefing”

Tunde: Many have interpreted that line as the probable reason Hov didn’t attend Kanye’s wedding. Suggesting that maybe he and Bey weren’t on good terms at the moment, so by his personal code, he’s not going anywhere if he and his wife aren’t cool. But for real mehn, did he even call Ye to let him know that mehn, shit is not rosey around here oh so bros no vex?

Oscar: Fairpoint. Where I know people are also thinking they jabbed at him is on “Love Happy” where Beyonce goes “Hova, Beyzus, Watch The Throne”. I laughed at that one but I don’t really think it’s a jab. They can’t be that petty.

Tunde: They are the Carters…..they can if they want to.

Oscar: What do we say to those who think Beyoncé is using the album to make Jay-Z a thing?

Tunde: Thats bullshit!! They’ve always wanted to do a joint album, and the whole On The Run thing sef started from Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 2 album when they dropped 03 Bonnie & Clyde. So it’s true that this generation isn’t up to date on Hov’s discography so they can’t relate too much, but Hov is always gon be Hov.

Tunde: Production-wise, they had special guests, Pharell, Boy Wonder, Cool and Dre, Beyonce and Jay Z and Mike Dean.

Oscar: About that, I think they made the album in such a way that the old fans and the new listeners of today can find the music acceptable. Right from Apeshit you can already hear them tapping into this new school Migos type of energy on their verses and the hook sef. But because of their experience, and their content, some of us that want the old Jay and old Bey can still find elements of them on “Everything Is Love”

Tunde: It has some of that trap music clapper feel that some of the young fans today like, I mean its not Lil Pump music, but, they can rap along to some bars, even though it is not really their preferred sound.

Oscar: Best Moment on the album?

Tunde: Beyonce doing the line from Dre and Snoop’s “Still” when she goes “Representing for my hustlers all across the world Still dippin’ in my low-lows, girl.”


Tunde: I’d give the the album a 6.5 out of 10, for being entertaining, but not legendary.

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