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Society treats the hard to reach like a single subversive mob, everyone wants to be appreciated for what they bring to the table.

Growing up, the culture embedded in our mindsets were such that a good degree guarantees one a life likened to a bed of roses. Now that I am getting old, I believe that is sarcasm at its climax. Reality dawns, and you realize you have believed only a mirage.

The outside world doesn’t actually conform like that, not in this age, leave that for ancient times past; and whether or not you think going to College is shallow, you can’t escape the fact that knowledge is power and power is the influence.

Our society is in a bit of a shade. It’s not really the first class degrees anymore that count, despite being a reason to spread your tail feathers like a peacock. You deserve some accolades, I would confer, *Lol. But I beseech you, it goes way past that, never play yourself there’s more to the “KPALI” like the Yoruba say.

I ravished times in my younger days where the “NUT HEADS” in college were made a mockery of by opposition of higher authority, who were meant to be wiser, knowing the damage it could cause mentally, but the reverse is seconded. We find gestures of favouritism, flocks of ‘wanna be’ Brainiac start to emerge, already leading to a buzz of dejection and a feeling of rejection for those below par. There’s just so much more to LIVING than this meagre reasons, you get to discover on the path of life.

And the question I seldom ask is “WHO TAUGHT US TO THINK LIKE THAT?”

I am not reprimanding distinctions and every form of excellence in academic pursuit, but the question for today is what then?

Did you know that in the early days, Henry Ford was so dull in school that his father concluded that the only thing he achieved was wearing away his school chair? WOW! I was shocked upon reading that.
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But that didn’t stop young Henry from being the founder of Ford Motors. I can rant on, about men of renown who were tagged as “dummies” but went on to achieve far greater deeds than those who put the tag on their names.

Lastly, I urge you to take a position, make a decision, listen. This is not an accusation, rather it’s for black use, and anyone one else that cares. The world has evolved far greater than the creed and dogma we were fed. It is more about time and chance, what you can give back to society at large.

For life is like a hurdle, hard! Try not to fall between the cracks and the cracks are so dark.

So should this norm be allowed to strive?

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