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Kimberly JevHi Accelerate TV!

I’m really excited to meet you! My name is Kimberley Jev and I am a Journalist/Communications Professional who currently lives in the Treaty 7 region of Southern Alberta. To make a very long story very short, this is also known as the City of Calgary, Alberta, in Western Canada.

Where to begin? In University, I studied Computer Science and Communications. I have also managed to somehow achieve a General Arts and Science diploma, certified Esthetics certificates, and have won awards for my contribution to the communications sector. In 2007, I launched an award winning fashion website focused on covering fashion and lifestyle news in Canada and around the world! I had the best time in this role, working with various creative professionals on a global scale was quite the thrill! You can read a little about this HERE.

Over the last decade, my words and projects have been published across International platforms in print as well as online. I am a creative, social entrepreneur who is constantly working on ideas and pushing things from ideation to incubation to launch. My mind is always working. I’ve worked in the music industry, the Law, advertising, fashion communications, marketing and promotions, public relations, philanthropy, you name it… I’ve done it.

I am extremely passionate about being Nigerian, while relating culturally to the United Kingdom, my country of birth and Canada, the country I have chosen to settle in as an adult. I am focused on scouring the world, the web and the social media streams for the innovators, the risk takers, the game changers, the truth tellers and the creative class of the diaspora and of course of those who reside in the country itself.

Telling stories is what I do and I’m going to tell you a lot of them. You may or may not have seen my name pop up here and there as I am constantly working and collaborating with media, organizations and businesses whose main mission is to highlight the creativity and unmeasurable talent that are associated with Africa. I’m truly honoured to be a part of Accelerate TV as an International Correspondent.

Okay, so…enough about me! We’ve got a lot of time to get to know one another and we’ve got a lot to work on. I want to be very open about how we are going to work together to tell fantastic stories out of not just Nigeria but Africa and the diaspora.

Kimberly Jev

I want to hear from you. I’m giving you access to my Instagram and Twitter feeds. I know what you are thinking, ‘Babe are you sure? You are just gonna give us access to you whenever we want?’ The answer is YES! Girl, tag me in that photoshoot, Bro, you are releasing a video? You are putting on an Art show? You have made headlines for something you have done or accomplished as a Nigerian or as an African, then YES, I want to hear from you! Impress me with your work! Blow my mind and I will definitely reach out. I’m trusting you!

A couple of ways to connect with me is through Instagram (@iamkimleestar) and Twitter (@iamkimleestar)! Both these handles will give you more information if you should want to e-mail me instead to really catch my attention! Send me a note to say hi, send me your press releases, announcements etc. Holler at your girl! Let’s do great things!

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