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Bella Thorne and a lot of her followers are not so happy with Whoopi Goldberg right about now.

bella thorne

Bella Thorne

Over the weekend, Bella decided to release her own nude photos on Twitter after a hacker threatened to extort her with them. “F–k u and the power u think you have over me,” the actress shared on social media. “I’m gonna write about this in my next book.”

When discussing it on her ABC daytime talk-show, The View, however, Whoopi and her co-hosts, Joy BeharSunny Hostin and Meghan McCain shared their not-so-pleasant opinions on the issue and this has got Bella pissed.

“If you’re famous, I don’t care how old you are. You don’t take nude pictures of yourself,” she proclaimed on Monday’s show. “When they are hacking you, they are hacking all of your stuff. So whether it’s one picture or a million pictures, once you take that picture, it goes into the cloud and it’s available to any hacker who wants it and if you don’t know that in 2019, that is an issue. I’m sorry. Your age does not—you don’t get to do that. You don’t get to do it.”

21-year-old Bella saw and read Whoopi’s comments and decided to sound off in a series of Instagram Stories. Crying and sharing her views, Bella said she felt horrible about herself after reading those comments.

“Dear Whoopi, I have loved you for so long but honestly I’m so displeased and saddened by your response to my leak. Blaming girls for taking the photo in the first place? Is sick and honestly disgusting,” she wrote in a letter. “I’m offended for anyone out there who has ever taken a sexy photo. I am offended for Jennifer Lawrence who feels publicly raped. I am offended for every person who has committed suicide for someone leaking their nudes. Ur view on this matter is honestly awful and I hope u change ur mindset as u are a show talking to young girls.”

According to Bella, she was supposed to go on The View at a later date. At this time, however, she doesn’t “feel like being beaten down by a bunch of older women.”

“I’m not going to lie, I want to say I feel pretty disgusting, Whoopi, knowing everyone’s seen my s–t. And I just want to say that me watching this interview made me feel really bad about myself and I hope you’re happy. I really do,” Bella shared through tears. “I really hope you’re so f–king happy because I can only imagine all the kids who have their s–t released and then they commit suicide. So, you’re so crazy for thinking such terrible things on such an awful situation.”

The actress continued, “Shame on you, Whoopi. Shame on you and shame on you for putting that public opinion just out there like that for every young girl to think that they’re disgusting for even taking a photo like that.”

Meanwhile, Bella has rallied tons of supportive messages in her comments section from friends, fans and followers.

Bby girl stay strong 💗💪 you have every right to take nudes and send them to you man , fuck these haters , it’s not your fault for them being leaked🙅‍♀️ WE are women we can do what we want and US women need to stick together not bash on each other ! I love you and don’t every think you did anything wrong cause you didn’t ! I am very proud of you for posting them and taking your power back ! 💪❤️ I’m sending all the positive vibes and all the love I can send ❤️ ✨✨


I would encourage you to keep your interview with The View, and Whoopi specifically, if only to educate and give the viewers another viewpoint, to let them know what you stand for. Say everything you said, and look them in the eyes while you say it. Do not let them shame you.


Always blaming women… “Its your fault for sending those pics” wtf is wrong with people. Every women has the right to do whatever they want with their bodies. The problem is not with the one who sends it, is the one who leaks it.


Just saw your story and I stand with you girl 👏 my heart breaks for you. Sending you love and solidarity right now💓


I know you will never see this but, as a woman, all I can say is that IM SO PROUD of what you did to take your power back. I truly am honored to be a woman if in the show biz it is represented by women like you. Thank you bella, we need more persons like you in this fucked up world, we really do. I fucking love you. Fuck the haters, you are one of the realest out there and all I can do is praise you and support you till the end.


Baby,I just want you to remember that you’re a strong woman,owning your own life and your body.You’re incredible just to live in a world of liars and remain authentic.You are the best and not alone.I’m from so far and unfortunately,I’m not someone close to you. But I’d like you to know that I’m here,supporting you.I want you to feel my hug from here.Don’t be ashamed of who you are and let evil fall by itself.Have compassion on their cold and empty soul,not yours,because you are light.

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