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So everyone is talking about the rise and rise of Mr Funny Man Kevin Hart as he is now the highest paid comedian in 2016. His work ethic is something you can just see when he performs and he even gave us a peek behind the curtains on his “Laugh at my Pain” tour.


kevin hart


However, for him to be the highest paid comedian at the moment we just have to look at what he has done in 2016 to get there.

Since January, Kevin Hart has performed at over 100 venues, and as if that’s not enough, these venues are more than just your regular comedy clubs. Most of these have been stadiums, arenas and theaters.

To name but a few we have:

  • Staples Center
  • Madison Square Garden
  • The Aztec Theater

This is without mentioning his global performances ranging from Denmark to Canada. We have also been seeing a lot of him on the big screen this year (Some outings better than others) with major roles in:

  • Ride Along 2
  • Central Intelligence
  • The Secret Life of Pets

Then imagine what happens when we include the popular “Real Husbands of Hollywood” and we haven’t even mentioned the upcoming “Jumanji” movie. They say it’s not a remake but a continuation (but that is an entirely different article).

As if that wasn’t enough, Kevin Hart also enjoys numerous endorsements deals with the likes of Xbox, H&M and Nike. He really is just raking in the money!

Here is the list of the top ten highest paid comedians, as sourced from Philip DeFranco, and we see 2 ventriloquists and only one female comedian.

top comedians

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