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I didn’t know there was a genius called Banke Sotomi until a couple of hours ago when I met her. Before I begin to tell you what she said, I just want to know, why didn’t anyone tell me about her since??? Gosh I barely knew the woman for five minutes and I’ve already fallen in love with her. LOL yeah, she’s that amazing.

Banke Sotomi

Okay for those of you who don’t know who Banke Sotomi is, she’s a personal coach who helps high-potential women find clarity on what next steps to take for their personal success in life and work. Banke is good at what she does and she showed that in the 30 minutes she spent with us at the office. Because I’m nice, I’ll share a tiny bit of some the things she told us today, but for your own good, you guys need to reach out to her, follow her, buy her book, visit her website, just make sure she’s in your life one way or the other because she is a gem.

Banke Sotomi

So in her short visit, she talked about the power of journaling, especially in the morning, then she gave us an acronym from the book “Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod on the things we should do every morning before we go about our busy days, the acronym was: SAVERS 

Silence- Which involves meditating, praying; basically saying nothing for the first few minutes after you wake up

Affirmations- Speaking positive words of life into your life

Visualization- Having an image of who you want to be

Excercise- This doesn’t necessarily involve going to the gym, it’s just moving in general e.g dancing, yoga etc

Reading- Reading something that expands your mind

Scripting- Getting into the habit of writing every morning

After that, she preceded to talk about her “Igniting The Modern Woman” planner which I think is absolutely amazing, I can’t tell you how excited I am to start using it. This is a planner that I think every woman should have, EVERY single woman. The planner was created for the busy woman who is on the go and focused on her goals. It’s a 12-month planner which would help to keep you focused on your big goals and help you to achieve the most amazing things that you never thought you could achieve.

So in the spirit of International Women’s month, how about you gift yourself this planner. Click HERE to buy the book, and thank me later.

By: Dammy Eneli

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