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On Monday morning, the headlines of a newspaper read: “How Buhari, Osinbajo’s daughters brought SARS down.” This headline gathered a lot of attention from Nigerians because of how misleading it is. However, it also reminded us of the importance of adequately documenting our truth.

Various prejudices, harmful gazes and agenda setting by the media have influenced much of what we know as our ‘history’. Thankfully, technology and social media continue to empower us and give us the necessary tools we need to write and remake history. Today, we can share videos, experiences, voices, names and more without the hassle or influence from people that want to keep us oppressed and silent. These are all important ways of documenting history.

Documentation of #ENDSARS protest by Jhay Jhay photography

Photo by: @Jhay___jhay

Although this has also brought about fake news and information overload, documentation remains important. For instance, we are all globally connected and can easily see what is happening or being shared. Debunking fake news with authentic and reliable information is possible and easy to do with our devices. When one party says one thing, the other party can use the same platform to say “No. That isn’t true and here is my evidence.” We have seen a lot of this in the past week and it is admirable.

In addition, documenting experiences and stories matters for the future. We need to be able to look back at what we were able to achieve in 2020. The Nigerians coming after us, the next generation, should know the facts, faces and names. They should also be able to hear our stories and experiences from us. Not the people against us or those who want to paint us in a certain light. Not the people who are misinformed. Us.

Therefore, make sure you are using whatever tools you have to document history. Documentation aids fact-checking and provides concrete evidence when necessary. Use your phone cameras, microphones, blogs and other media to continue sharing your truth.


By: Oshoriame

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