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Have you noticed the rubber pair of MINISO clogs that everyone and their mama has been wearing?

I’m a self-proclaimed busy body when it comes to fashion, clothing and accessories.

Therefore, on a normal day, don’t be shocked if you find my lost in thought, taking in what people are wearing, where they got dressed up to go to, etc…

Since the COVID-19 pandemic set in, I watched as shopping trends changed completely.

People stopped buying going out clothes, there was a higher demand for casual outfits like loungewear and indoor footwear.

Designer purchases saw a decline as the pandemic cause people to realign their priorities.

 I have been staying observant of people’s style evolutions and through discussing with them I discovered that especially during that first lockdown enforcement, there was a surge in the demand for MINISO clogs

Clogs scream not so cute but super comfy.

Clogs can be worn indoors or outdoors, they don’t constrict the feet so they are all about liberation.

I spoke to everyone I’ve seen wear and I’ve been told that once you slip your feet in there, they will be thanking you for the extra pads and the utmost level of comfort.

Scroll to see the one that everyone and their mama has purchased from MINISO Nigeria :

The MINISO Men’s Version

The MINISO Ladies Version

comes in teal green

and in pink

The MINISO Kid’s Version

The MINISO Kids Version will enable you to achieve a matchy-matchy look with your little one.

My Thoughts On The MINISO Cloggs

As for me, I’ve never worn clogs in my life and despite the fact that I’m the number one fanatic of the Never Say Never Movement, I can safely say I’ve never worn clogs and I’m never ever wearing clogs in my lifetime

(Except for 7 year old me, who despite having no business wearing wheels, wore a pair of clog heel which my father purchased for me. And, the worst part is that I rocked those ugly babies to my very own birthday party hence there are pictures to prove!)

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