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Written by Damilola Faustino

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work-Thomas A. Edison

Failure is one part of our lives many people fear. Nobody likes to fail. It can be very embarrassing and discouraging. But, the truth is there is absolutely nothing wrong with failing because it eventually prepares you for your success. Here’s how to make your failure do you good. This is to encourage you not to fear failure because no success story is complete without failure.

It teaches you life lessons

Failure will teach you that everything cannot be rosy. Life is all about ups and downs. But if you are always successful without any setback, you will become complacent. You begin to feel success is exclusive to you. This is why it is difficult for some people to recover from it. But if you have failed, you will appreciate success more and be devoted to whatever you do. You will hold on to this for the rest of your life.

It makes you get to your potential 

There are some persons who will never reach their potentials if they have never failed. You have heard of stories of students who failed and left school as the best graduating student. There are business magnates who have failed and they went back to restrategize, now they are running the biggest companies in the world. You will no doubt reach your potential if you fail.

You will know the kind of person you are

There are two types of people: there are those who take failure personally and perceive it as a permanent situation and walk away from everything, and there are others who see it as a temporary setback. These kinds of people bounce back stronger and better after the failure.

You will never give up

In this case, Abraham Lincoln comes to mind. He lost 5 different elections before he was finally elected as the President of the Unite States of America on 4 March 1861. He failed to win these elections but he never gave up. He knew what he had to offer and kept moving on until he achieved his goals.

Failure will make you humble

Some people cannot manage success. They allow it get into their head and become arrogant. The only time they keep a cool head is when they fail. Do not wait until you fail before you humble yourself. But generally, when you are humble due to failure you will be same when you are successful.

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