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You can never sincerely live your own life if you’re living up to other people’s expectations. Living up to other people’s expectations is difficult because human beings are naturally insatiable. The people you are trying to please will keep having different expectations. Once you nail one expectation, they have another for you to surpass.

So, if you’re trying to please other people and they don’t end up pleased, who then are you pleasing? No one. And even if you’re able to please someone, once it isn’t something you are interested in, you leave yourself unsatisfied for the sake of another person. It’s much better to channel your energy into living up to your own expectations of who you are. That way, even if you’re unable to meet your expectations…well you are only dealing with yourself. It’s easier to manage the outcome when it is just you with those expectations as opposed to worrying about the other party/parties involved.

There’s no obligation to fulfill the expectations of other people but you owe it to yourself to follow your own path. The expectations other people set out for you might just be the reason you are unable to accomplish what you want to. You end up living out someone else’s ideal life and miss out on what your own unique life could have been.

Another reason such a situation is difficult is because you do not fully commit to their expectations. You should know yourself better than anyone else. This means knowing your limits, abilities, strengths, weaknesses and goals. Thus, pursuing what isn’t for you will be hard. It will take stepping out of your comfort zone and this won’t always yield the best results. For instance, if your life’s dream…

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Written by Oshoriame Egbakhumeh