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Folios. Clutches. Envelope clutches. All these names refer to a man’s daily organizer, his workbag, his carrier. Originally, organizers or purses were the go-to for women but in today’s world, they play an important role in the life of a man. These come in different textures: leather, faux leather or suede, depending on what’s in season, taste, style etc. but are crucial to increasing mobility i.e. not too many things in one’s pocket. Apart from the many stylish and urban features these clutches possess, a lot of them are being carried for numerous reasons. This article spotlights why men swing their clutches in their hands and strap them under their armpit.



  1. Smartphone Radiation: If I decide to scare you by saying “Smartphone radiation causes DNA damage, weakens pelvic area, and affects male fertility”, I am not lying. Men who carry their phones in their pockets often forget the phone manual which explicitly advises against keeping a smartphone in your pant pocket. While this subject remains debatable, it is much safer for one to carry a clutch and avoid the radiation issue entirely because hey, it is at the top of the list of excuses for one to be stylish and carry a clutch.
  1. Everyday Carry: Known as the EDC, a man’s EDC is made up of everything he uses on a daily basis. These are the things he taps his pockets to cross check before stepping out the door. Without them, he is naked. Every man’s EDC varies. For a guy who takes smoke breaks, he is likely to have cigarette packs, lighters, and a pocket ashtray in his clutch. But some general items include pens, a power bank, a charging case, notepad, keychain, a phone, a flash drive, bank token among others. These items are always loaded into the clutch to equip a man for the unexpected.




  1. Mobility: I have a couple of friends who stuff their pockets with keys, phones, power bank and wallets. It leaves a bulge in their pockets and honestly, it looks freaky. I mean, your pants should look like pants and not a duffel bag so, why store them in your pockets where everyone can see them. While some might prefer this style and leave back other essentials in the glove compartment of their vehicle, they often don’t consider ‘what ifs’ like what if you have to move around from meetings to restaurants and have no vehicle? A clutch, my man, is definitely the answer.
  1. Owambe time: For a typical wedding, a man needs to travel with a power bank, snacks and cash. Cash, cash and maybe a little more cash. Clutches are always accessible when you need to bring out the dough to spray a couple or make a donation. You definitely do not want the usual packing of the agbada, reaching deep into one’s pockets and maybe bringing an unwanted item.




  1. Style factor: Clutches and male folios boost a guy’s style game. They make his look on-point and put together. Having a range of silhouettes, colors and materials with which to mix and match can take an outfit from great to out-of-this-world.


Parting Gift

Assembled below are some of the finest male clutches money can buy and the stylish men who rock their clutches with pride. And remember that when purchasing; consider your outfit, your skin tone, and always keep the occasion in mind.

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