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The efforts of the Central Bank of Nigeria in ensuring that Nigeria becomes a cashless society, have been set back a lot of ways, because most Nigerians are stuck in the past. Many just don’t trust technology, and so would prefer to only place orders where they can pay upon delivery. But you are actually missing out on a lot of goodies, discounts and comforts when you refuse to prepay for your orders. Here’s why:

online payments

It is safe

This works both ways. This is because carrying cash around is quite risky. So, it is better to prepay for the order and the only thing you have to do on your part is to be available to receive the order or assign someone to collect it on your behalf.


Prepaying for your orders is one of the best ways to enjoy a discount. When you shop on online and prepay for your order, you will get 5% off upon checkout. This combined with other discounts you get on the platform will ensure that you are paying far less than the actual cost of your order.

Quick refunds

When a customer returns a product or an order, they expect their refund as soon as possible. And of course, it does not have to be about refunds only, it can be for cancellation. If you want to get your money ASAP, you should use Jumia Pay. The refund will be sent to your Jumia Pay account and you can decide to withdraw the money into your account or use it to purchase another item. Very easy!

Reliable online payment

When e-commerce started in Nigeria, cash on delivery was the only way to trust sellers that customers had never seen before. With cash on delivery, the customer had an assurance that their product was coming, no matter what. Thanks to technology, customers can now pay online and of course, they are very safe and reliable as eCommerce businesses regularly updating their security tech.

By Damilola Faustino

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