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men that cook


‘The kitchen belongs to a woman’ they say, but newsflash- not anymore! The fact of the matter is that when it comes down to it, real men cook. Fast raising in this sexy new age of ours are male chefs who are actually getting more recognized and saught after than their female counterparts. What is then worrisome is why the kitchen duties are still mainly regarded as the burden of a woman to bear. Forget tradition, forget the norm, forget the man being the head of the home and all those sexist issues, women shouldn’t bear the excitement of cooking all alone. Real men, it’s time to get out your aprons. Here are 5 reasons why real men should, do and can cook:

You don’t depend on anybody: A real man knows and understands the power of self-worth. They know they can work magic all by themselves even in the kitchen too. You become reliable and more in charge than you have been all your life. You say to yourself, “what she can cook, I can cook better”

Your actions will count: There are those days when all you can do is to help out in the kitchen. If you can actually cook, these are times your actions will be treasured to eternity and you, in turn, will feel good about yourself for bringing smiles to the faces of your loved ones.

You save more: Date nights can be somewhat exhausting to your pockets but you know they are very necessary. Just imagine if you can really cook, you become the chef, the restaurant becomes your home and the food, be it noodles, white rice or boiled lobster tail. Trust us, when it comes to your lucky lady, she will pounce on it like it’s her very last meal.

Keep fit: A man with good culinary skills knows just what to eat and it comes in handy when you want to monitor what goes in your body. So if you know you want to look like Ronaldo, maybe it’s time to pick up a spatula.

Cooking is actually sexy: Ever wondered the type of men that get all the ladies? Usually, it’s the cooking kind of men. Research shows that men who cook knows and understands the nature of a woman which makes them darn hot and appealing.

So gentlemen, when next it’s time to cook…

gentlemen shall we


Written by Efe Ohworakpo

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