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I’m appalled at Virgil Abloh’s lackadaisical response to George Floyd’s death hence he needs to stop hating his race and learn from Glossier.

If you’re just hearing about Glossier, they are a beauty brand that donated $1 Million to Black Lives Matter and Black-Owned Beauty Brands.

The beauty conglomerate is one of the first in its field to openly pledge its support to the Black community amid a nationwide call for justice.

Beauty brand Glossier announced last Sunday that it would be donating $1 million

to Black resistance causes and Black-owned beauty brands as protests go on across the nation in the aftermath of George Floyd‘s death.

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“We’re inspired by so many in our community who are using their voices and making change. We see you and are with you,” said the brand in a released message.


Honestly, Virgil Abloh can learn a thing or two from this beauty brand.

In addition to Glossier, most companies are doing their part to take a stand against racism

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Via donations to the Black Lives Matter Fund,

taking to the streets to protest or

by using their platform to speak on the racist attacks in the States

Virgil, being a black man with such a strong platform, chose to be stingy and in so doing showcase how much he hates himself and his race via donating a measly $50 to the fund.

Virgil has actually been known to rise to grace and turn his cabinet white,

ignoring the vast opportunity he could have given to his fellow black brethren.

This is why he needs to learn from a company like Glossier and use his multi-million dollar platform to fight for equality for his fellow black brethren and every coloured individual.

By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono