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I am always searching for love. I’ll look for it in a face that I walk past on a road, in a friend that I didn’t notice before, or in my daydreams. I‘m always looking with a set of expectations that I’m not even sure I meet myself. I’m frantically searching for it even though everyone always says it arrives exactly when you least expect it. But aren’t we all in some way looking for love? Wouldn’t we all welcome the hand that simply feels like it’s meant to be held by you even if you weren’t necessarily outstretching yours? Wouldn’t we all get lost and fall into eyes that changed our minds about everything, despite them being once closed? Wouldn’t we all accept a heart, steal a heart, take care of a heart that became the only reason our own was beating?

I think we would.  I think we are all searching for the compliment to our soul even if were not doing it actively. I think we’re all searching for the person that does not complete us but traces our missing pieces. We’re searching for someone who loves us for the downtime as much as the down falls. We’re all searching for the person that makes waking up exciting and living more inviting.

Wouldn’t we all say yes to the risk of falling if it meant we might fall in love? What other greater risk could you possibly think of? We are all on a journey, whether we know it or not, to love. We’re heading there without a map to guide us. We are all on a path led by fate and intuition and unconsciously anxious to meet our destiny. So I look for love in the most unexpected places, like texts and snapchats – because that’s what it is in this day and age. And I look for love knowing that I shouldn’t.

This doesn’t mean I’m not happy – I am. This doesn’t mean I don’t feel complete, I do. This doesn’t mean I do not love my life the way it is because I love it hard, in fact. But you see that’s just it. I love so much I want more to love, thus giving some of this magic away. I want to love someone as hard as I love myself, my life, and every glittering thing in between.

Yes, I may be a hopeless romantic but I am certainly not desperate. I might be looking for love, but I never said looking wasn’t fun. It’s an adventure, it’s a ride that flirts with chance, and I’m enjoying all of the miles and the minutes. You might contest and say it’s just not for you, but I am telling you: Somehow we are all looking for it.

We are looking for the person that turns the ordinary into extraordinary. We are all looking for the person we can’t help but dream of saying, “I do” to. We are all looking for the wish we never knew to wish for. We just are.

So yes, I am looking for you, and I trust that you are looking for me, too. Maybe today, tomorrow, or a year from now we’ll finally meet. I know I’ll enjoy getting to you, but I know I’ll enjoy all the steps I take with you more.

 Written by Damilola Okejide

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