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Christmas is personally my favourite holiday of the year. And this is not just because I am a Christian and being reminded of the love and gift of Jesus. I love the fact that it is a long holiday- the longest holiday.


Christmas is an ice breaker. A break from work and the deadlines that you have to meet.  Christmas is the time for re-connection, you get to see your friends and families you haven’t seen in a long time or the ones you were too busy to hang out with. There’s no Lagos bus rush or the traffic wahala. Everyone is home and happy with friends and family during Christmas.

Christmas season is the pathway to a new year. With the holiday we can focus and make plans for the coming year, it is that time for retrospect, looking how far we have come, the wins and losses and be thankful.Yeah, how can you forget the new year resolutions? The ones we never follow, LOL.

And finally Christmas is the food season.
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You get to eat as much as you can, right now I have about 5 invitations to come eat chicken and party. You don’t always get this, people are not as nice before Christmas.

Go out and cool off this Christmas before you jump back into the frenzy of the coming year. You don’t get the holiday again till the end of the year. Be nice this Christmas, share and give to strangers. Be thankful

By Tobee Awosika

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