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After a first-round interview, you may have thought everything went perfectly fine.  You wait and wait, but only hear nothing, and then you get the email stating that they are carrying on with second interviews or making offers and you’re not one of them.  So, why were you passed up for a second interview?

Were you late?

Were you running through the halls, waiting on the elevator, waiting for the bus, waiting, waiting, waiting? Of course, stuff happens.  You might have google-mapped three different possible routes and still been running behind.  Unfortunately, this shines an unflattering and unprofessional light on you.

Speaking of professionalism, how did you dress?

Did you look put together? Did you wash your hair?  Did you dress in a way that said you knew anything about the company?  Do a little research to help you plan your outfit ahead of time so that you look professional and also like you could fit-in in the work environment.

Did you do any research?

It’s of the utmost importance to research everything before your interview.  It shows you give a hoot about the job. Have information on the company and on your interviewers. Know what has been said about them in the media.  This can also help you prepare a commentary on your own qualifications and how your experience fits in with this project or that report.

Were you rambling during the interview?

Think about questions they’ll ask you. Research questions, they’ll ask you.  And know how to answer in a perfunctory way.  Don’t be so wordy that they can’t understand what you’re trying to relay to them.

Refusing to send a follow-up thank-you email

Sending an email or note immediately after an interview shows you’re willing to go above and beyond and keeps you in the thoughts of employers.  Make sure you send a separate one to everyone who interviewed you so as to not create confusion or make anyone feel excluded.

Did you show off your personality?

It’s always good to be professional, but your employers want to know who you are as a person as well.  They’ll be working with you day in and day out.  You’re allowed to smile and be charismatic, it might make them like you more as a human being, and thus, as a possible employee.

Not asking questions

Have questions prepared for the end of the interview ahead of time and think of some relating to what the interviewer has told you.  Ask them personalized questions as well, this is both flattering and shows you have been paying attention.

By Damilola Faustino

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