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You need a working from home wardrobe to create stability in your life.

This pandemic has led to anxiety levels skyrocketing for many including me and so I’m sharing my number one tip on caring for your mental welfare and boosting productivity

The basic tool to achieve this is none other than CLOTHES!

Now, I’m not saying buy anything new…trust me, the economist in me envisioned the financial strain that’s setting in due to the economic downturn caused by the pandemic.

This is why I’m encouraging you to work with what you already have in your closet and only indulge in new purchases if the item/items are on sale or absolutely necessary.


Do you recall when the thought of working from home in your PJs from the comfort of your bed was the absolute dream?

For me, I salivated at the thought of this, way before the pandemic set in.

And not just on those hot uncomfortable days when I was in the office up to my eyeballs with work

Not just within those moments when, on the commute to the office, the weather chooses to be transitional

(*cough *cough bipolar) – going from windy and chilly to scorching in a matter of minutes.

Well, the lockdown presented the perfect opportunity for me to live my dreams but this quickly unmask the importance of structure and I vowed never to take it for granted.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a pyjama day

However, if it becomes consistent, it tends to slow down your mindset and eventually your productivity.

Creating yourself a ‘working from home wardrobe’ doesn’t mean wearing a suit and pencil skirt to sit at your dining room table/make-shift office

It simply means you dress in such a way that your mind is able to separate ‘work’ and ‘leisure’.

This may sound confusing but it’s actually not.

My advice is to opt for something comfortable that feels great against your skin, since you’re indoors throughout.

Choose a selection of dresses, denim, trackies (joggers) and tee-shirts that are purely dedicated to work.

After you’ve nailed your working from home wardrobe,

ensure you make your bed,

take a shower,

get dressed and save enough time for a prayer/meditation

and breakfast before your 9 am start.

As opposed to rolling out of bed at 8:55

and logging on to your laptop in a panic or lazy haze.

This will give your morning a little structure!

By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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