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Ponmo is a very popular delicacy in Nigeria. It is not only tasty, but it is also very affordable compared with other proteins. However, the consumption of ponmo has raised a lot of health concerns. In fact, it was recently reported that fake ponmo was making the rounds in Lagos.
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Hence, consumers are advised to be careful of ponmo. If you love ponmo, and you are still not convinced about eating it, these reasons should change your opinion:

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Most of these animal hides are meant for industrial use

Ponmo is animal hides and is meant for the production of leather shoes and bags. However, to satisfy the love of Nigerians for ponmo and make some quick money, most of them are no longer used for industrial purposes. As such, do not be surprised when manufacturers complain about the scarcity of ponmo.

Some are treated with toxic chemicals

Some companies legally import hides from countries such as Lebanon and Turkey, while the majority of the products are smuggled into the country through the porous borders. To preserve them, they use toxic chemicals which can cause some damages when consumed. This type of ponmos are tagged poisonous.

Consuming poisonous can lead to serious health risk

Health hazards inherent in the consumption of such animal hides include risk of liver, kidney and heart damage, increased risk of Aplastic anaemia, central nervous system toxicity, cancer and more. It is either you stop eating ponmo or be very careful.

Chemicals are sometimes stored in animal tissues

Associated chemicals are generally stored in the tissues of animals that are fed with feed made with industrial animal hides and will eventually end up in humans when consumed, with the attendant effects. Livestock farmers are advised to note that industrial animal hides could not be used in the manufacture of animal feed.

Ponmo is very tasty especially the peppered ones. However, with all the points raised and since you are not very sure of the source of the ponmo, it is best to avoid or just simply be careful.

By Damilola Faustino

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