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You’ve probably been seeing press on nails adverts everywhere on Instagram,

and maybe you’ve been thinking of trying out the new craze but you’ve just not gotten round to it?

Well, the pandemic spread is one solid reason why

you should rethink visiting your manicurists and instead

stay home and try press-on nails!

If the likes of Ciara and Alicia Keyes are being responsible when it comes to the curb of the COVID-19 spread

Ciara Makes a Case For At-Home Manicures

(they’ve successfully found ways around keeping their quarantine nails looking cute through turning their husbands into their at-home manicurists and beauty assistants)

Then we must follow suit and rethink our social interactions.

Why You Should Try Press On Nails Whilst At Home

I already showed you the perfect way to achieve an immaculate manicure

I’m talking about an absolutely divinely lacquered set of nails that will confuse many people and cause them to ask if you’re rocking gel or normal polish.

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Now we are focusing on press-on nails and I’m confident that once you get the hand of this, there’d be no turning back for you.


 Press-on nails are nothing more than artificial nails that are shaped to emulate natural nails.

Typically made of acrylic resin, press-on nails come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your needs.


You can opt for any nail shape you desire

From traditional square-shaped nails

to long coffin nails.

And the 2 step process of glueing the press on nails and filing them to fit your nail shape will have your hands looking brand new in no time.


Manicure Tip Of The Day

Whether you opt for long nails or short nails, you should always keep your natural nails short, so your press-on nails can lay seamlessly.

Step-By-Step Tutorial

After removing your old nail polish, filing your nail to the length you desire and buffing them to shine that healthy sheen, soak those babies to ensure that they are fully prepped.


Once your cuticles have absorbed the oil, it’s time to break out your press-on nails! All press-on sets come with nails of various sizes. Simply size each nail to match your natural nails for the perfect fit. Once you have the right sizes picked out, place the rest of the nails out of the way.


Every pack of press-on nails comes with glue.

Most press-on kits come equipped with nail glue and adhesive strips, so you can choose what’s best for you.

Keep in mind, press-on nails typically last longer with glue.

And so, if you’re using glue, apply a small dot at the tip of your natural nail and just below the cuticle.

NB: If not, then you can opt for press-on adhesive strips!

Make sure to follow the instructions listed on the packaging for your desired results.


Place your press-on nail on your real nail and press down firmly for one to two minutes

. Release and your nails should be perfectly snug. Repeat until you have a full set of press-on nails. Voila!


 This step is totally optional, but just remember

that if these press ons end up looking too long

or making you feel uncomfortable,

you can always file them down,

but use a little bit more power and strength to file

as the nail would be a bit tougher with an additional coat.

By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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