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You may have been visiting the gym frequently, yet you’re not seeing results. Whether you’re trimming down or developing more muscle mass, there’s no question that your abs are important. But for some people, no matter the number of times they go to the gym or their determination to get six packs, they will never have it. Here’s why!


You binge eat

A very low-calorie diet is the main reason why most men binge. Your intake must be appropriate to your size and activity level. Low calorie is good, but too few calories will leave you hungry for a binge.

It’s not in your genes

A reason you don’t have six packs is that you simply don’t have the genetics for it. Some people are naturally prone to carry more abdominal fat, and even if they get down to leaner levels with ripped arms and legs, the abs still don’t show through.

You’re not drinking enough water

In today’s world of fast food and excessively processed foods, water retention is the norm. If you have a high-sodium diet and you’re not drinking enough water throughout the day, you can bet your looks will be hindered by what you consume. If you down more water, you will observe noticeable differences in two to three days’ time.

You’re not sleeping enough

It is not only going to the gym that makes you have six packs. There are certain things you have to do alongside with going to the gym. One of which is having enough sleep. Lack of sleep causes increased cortisol to surge through your system, and this hormone actually encourages the accumulation of stomach fat. So, Get to bed earlier.

You need more carbs

If you’re like many people, you think removing the carbs from your plate is the fastest way to get lean. Unfortunately, that’s often not the case. Low-carb diets may be useful for fat loss, but following a very low-carb diet for a long time will cause you nothing but problems. Go high-carb once a week to keep the balance steady. Your six packs will thank you.

You drink too much

As soon as alcohol enters the body, it immediately puts the brakes on fat loss, which means each beer really slows down your progress. Drinking too much too often can also encourage fat to develop around the stomach area, making your job that much harder.

You’re too stressed

Just like lack of sleep, high levels of stress also induce the release of cortisol and quickly cause fat gain in the belly area. If you lead a high-stress lifestyle and feel the chronic tension, not only are you encouraging stomach fat accumulation, but you’re also risking the loss of lean muscle mass. If you want to stay ripped everywhere else and move closer to a six-pack, you must control your stress.

By Damilola Faustino

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