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Although having an online presence is quite affordable today, some small and medium scale businesses still struggle with the question of whether they should have an online presence or not. The value that an online presence gives to your business cannot be trifled with. From visibility to increased sales and more, here’s what an online presence does for your business:

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The Internet never sleeps, and every portal you offer online gives your business a virtual 24-hour showroom. This allows potential customers to research your product or service after business hours, and in the privacy of their own home. If you sell products, an online store allows for 24-hour order placement to capture a sale as soon as a customer is interested, as opposed to waiting for your brick-and-mortar store to open, by which time the urge to buy may have passed.

Brand building

Brand building actually means building a potential customer’s trust in your company or product. Providing an online presence not only gives customer access to your product or service, but it also provides a way for the customer to “check out” your company. Online reviews, your interactions with other customers and the frequency and quality of your posts help to form a positive impression of your company in the potential customer’s mind, making a future sale more likely.

Greater audience

The Internet encompasses a much larger area than the few miles local to your business’ office or store. Your Web presence reaches out to everyone who passes by your virtual doorstep, which could include people from right next door or in another country. Depending on your specific industry and offerings, this could open up a much wider customer base than relying on face-to-face interactions would.

Easier selling and marketing

It’s a well-known marketing fact that people like to buy but don’t like to be sold. A well-written piece of copy for your products or services on your website allow buyers to make a more relaxed, informed decision to purchase, as opposed to feeling pressured by a possible pushy salesperson. Marketing your business is also easier and more far-reaching, as the electronic format allows for a wider, more cost-effective distribution as opposed to traditional marketing, which usually included printing and mailing costs.

Increase your credibility

Most customers are pretty savvy these days.  They do their research – and they do it online. If you don’t have a website, then immediately, you come across as less credible and your potential customers are much more likely to look elsewhere. On the flipside, a simple, but professional looking website can actually level the playing field between your business and other much larger ones.

By Damilola Faustino

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