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By Damilola Faustino

Wearing a wig or other hairpiece can be a great way to have the hair you’ve always dreamed of. However, sometimes, you are forced to abandon your wig, because of sweat during the hot weather. As summer approaches, here are top tips to wear wigs when the weather is not so wig-friendly:


Braid longer hair

Whether you only have long hair pieces or you just prefer longer hair, braiding your wig can be the ideal option for staying comfortable. Ponytails don’t often work well for wigs because they can create an unnatural look. Braids look more natural, allowing you to control your long hair and keep cool.

Choose shorter styles

Wigs are available in a wide variety of styles. Some people may choose long styles for a number of reasons, but these hair pieces are also much hotter. When you are looking for a cooler option, there are plenty of cute short styles to choose from.

Wash it often

Washing hair replacement pieces on a daily basis isn’t often necessary. In fact, washing them too much can cause damage and excess wear and tear. However, it is better to wash your hair pieces more often to remove excess oils and sweat.

Avoid direct heat

If you are spending a lot of time in the sun, it may be difficult to avoid direct sunlight, which can cause damage to wigs. Wearing a hat or a scarf can make a major difference in your comfort level while wearing one of these hair pieces. In addition, don’t store your hair replacement pieces where they will be exposed to excessive heat, such as near a window or in your car.

Try a new colour

Dark hair replacement pieces may be your typical style, you can try something new. Consider buying hair pieces in lighter shades to wear when the weather is hot. The lighter colours won’t absorb the heat of the sun and can create a fun new look.

Consider Synthetic

Many people who wear wigs prefer human hair. While these wigs tend to look more natural, they are also thicker, which can make your hair replacement piece feel hot. For the hottest months of the year, consider using synthetic hair instead.

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