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Written by Temilade Adeyinka

Yes, we know it might come as a shock putting the words “Nigeria” and “sexy” in the same sentence, because let’s face it, Nigeria embodies stress. Stress to the point where it feels like everything is trying to kill you and when you do end up surviving, the last thing on your mind is looking cute. Where does one even have time to feel sexy, let alone look it?!

Being “sexy” in Nigeria alone is hardly appealing because of the unwarranted stares, (stop looking) unsolicited comments, (stop talking) and inappropriate hand contact, (stop touching). With all this stress, it seems like the last thing one wants to do is be sexy, which is such a shame because archaic societal values infringing on your style is not the one. Yet, here we are, not adhering to societal rules, giving you tips on how to dress “really sexy”.

First of all, dressing sexy should not be seen as a thing reserved for certain body types. No. Don’t limit yourself into thinking that you need to look a certain way physically in order to look sexy. Dressing sexy is all about expressing your individuality through your clothes and knowing what works best for you. Knowing who you are is the fastest way to cut out unnecessary rules and chat from people who are quite clearly trying to put you in a box. Freedom is sexy. Freedom to express yourself however you choose is even sexier- so do the needful.

Secondly, dressing sexy is all in the fit. How well your clothes fit speaks volumes about how much you care about the outfit. Seriously. However, let’s be clear, tight clothes do not equal a nice fit. Your clothes can be tight and still be ill fitting, so don’t get it twisted. We recommend tailoring all your clothes right down to the seams. This could include shortening the hem of your trousers, cinching the waistline and adjusting the sleeve length- the options are endless.

Thirdly, don’t be afraid to play around with color. Whether neutrals are your thing or bright, bold print, color is an easy way to make a statement. It’s so fascinating how big a role color plays in picking the right outfit for whatever occasion. White has the ability to make you look crisp and sharp, while black has the ability to make you look chic and elegant. Don’t be afraid to mix prints as an attempt to play around with silhouettes and create fresh new takes on classic outfits. Dressing sexy is about making a statement and what better way to make your mark than experimenting with color?

Lastly, accessories are a quick and easy way to up the sex appeal. Whether it’s adding a silk scarf to your hair, or dark sunglasses to your face, the importance of accessories should not be underestimated. Accessories have the ability to add those personal touches in completing “the look” and seamlessly tie the whole outfit together.

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