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Written By Damilola Faustino

Peter Shue, an ex-convict, who dated Madonna says he wants to auction the panties of the Queen of Pop which he received in 1994.

Shue said: “What am I gonna keep them for? I don’t wear them. I’m not going to give them to no girl to wear. Am I gonna trash them? Hm, should I throw them in the garbage? Or should I try to get a dollar off of them? What would you do?”

The undies, along with Madonna’s other personal effects, were to be part of an online auction by Gotta Have Rock and Roll. Bids for the panties were to start at $5,000. The auction house will get 15% of the winning bid, the rest will go to Shue.

However, Mandona filed an emergency petition, arguing that many of them were highly confidential and embarrassing and not for sale.

As a result, a Manhattan Supreme Court Justice halted the auction of 22 items.

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