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By Tunde Adediran

2005’s Lost and Found album was Will Smith’s last album, but it seems the rapper and actor has recently rediscovered himself. Over the past few months, the rapper has found a smart way to connect with fans through his Instagram and YouTube accounts.

‘’At my peak, I was doing a television show, a movie, and an album every year so it was like churning out, that kind of creativity,” Smith expalains. “What happens is you get to a point where you get empty. So I’m excited, I’m re-energized and I’m creating wildly like I used to. I’m ready’’

Will Smith has ‘got the beast back’ according to him, and to be honest he raps like he didn’t take 15 years off. On his recent divorce rumours, he raps: “20 years of swag y’ll just witnessed/stop the divorce rumors and mind ya’ll damn business.” Will’s braggadocious rhymes were on point, and rightly so, “Everybody wanna do Will Smith numbers/I don’t know if your life got that many summers,” he continues, adding how he can chill at the “crib with his “mama and Obama.”

Watch Below:

Now if that ain’t swag on a 100, I wonder what is. Here’s to hoping the rapper drops an album soon.

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